BERLIN WORKSHOP: EU Funds 2021-2027 – Smart indicators, Verification tools, Technical assistance, Complex control of the management system

You’ll develop expertise in distinguishing between ERDF, CF, ESF+, RRF, EAFRD, aligning strategic documents from EU to local levels, mastering shared management, using technical assistance tools, enhancing monitoring and control skills, understanding reporting obligations, and translating priorities into criteria sets, including adapting to EU Programme modifications for 2021-2027.
What are the demarcation lines between ERDF, CF, ESF+, RRF, EAFRD? How do strategic document priorities complement each other from EU to local levels? What does shared management in practice entail for the system of institutions and task division in 2021-2027? What are the main tools and novelties in technical assistance for 2021-2027? How is monitoring and control of the management system conducted? What are the reporting obligations regarding payments and indicators in practice?

What will you learn?

  • Demarcation lines between: ERDF, CF, ESF+, RRF, EAFRD;
  • Complementarity of the strategic documents priorities between: EU ↔ National ↔ Regional ↔Local level (cascade mechanism);
  • Shared management in practice – system of institutions and task division in 2021-2027;
  • Technical assistance – main tools and novelties 2021-2027;
  • Monitoring and control of the management system;
  • Reporting obligations: payments and indicators in practice;
  • Transferring priorities to concrete sets of criteria – case studies;
  • Key novelty Modification of EU Programmes 2021-2027 (rules and possibilities);

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Who is this course for?

Public staff and other experts dealing with the implementation, management, certification and control of all EU Funds, especially from:

  • Managing Authorities
  • Intermediate Bodies
  • Certifying Authorities
  • Audit Authorities
  • Beneficiaries of EU Funds
  • National and Investment Banks
  • Regional Governments and Development Agencies
  • International, national and local associations and networks
  • Other stakeholders dealing with implementation, management and control of EU Funds

Berlin, Germany

This course will take place in the vibrant city of Berlin, providing an inspiring backdrop for an immersive learning experience.

Next to the training materials the training fee is covering:
a) the catering during the training (3 coffee breaks and a lunch every day);
b) the walking tour in a good company in Berlin (the evening of the first day of the training);
c) delicious diner;
d) family photo and some souvenirs for active participants.



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